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Frequently Asked Questions

We have two services on a Sunday at Holy Trinity and St Columba and all are open to both new visitors and regular members. At 8:00am (both churches) we hold a traditional Holy Communion service that is based around the Book of Common Prayer.

Our 9:30am (Holy Trinity) / 10:00am (St Columba) is a service for everyone. The first Sunday (St Columba) and third Sunday (Holy Trinity) is a service for all ages and aims to be especially family friendly. We start the service with the children and young people going out to the back of the church. They then rejoin us at the peace.

We usually use paper orders of service that contain all the words and songs that are used, so it’s easy to follow along. A hearing loop is also in operation in the church during our services.

Our services normally last up to 60 minutes.

In our parish we welcome people as they are. Our services are informal and our dress is casual, so please come as you feel comfortable.

Most of our worship is led by an organist and choir, except for the first Sunday (St Columba), when a band joins the organist and third Sunday (Holy Trinity) which is band led consisiting of mixed instruments.

We use a selection of modern and traditional songs from a wide variety of sources.

For more information, visit the Services and Prayer section of our site.

Most people find their first visit to church less scary than expected. We are a very welcoming group of people and our services are set up so that you can relax and get to know us as a church. All the words at most of our services are printed in a handout and you will be prompted by the service leader when to join in. We are happy for you not to join in with anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Sharing bread and wine is an important part of our church community, reminding us what Jesus did for us. We come up for communion in rows and the ushers will indicate where to go. We welcome all who are committed Christians and usually take bread and wine in their home church to join us for communion. If you would rather not receive communion, please still come for a blessing, keeping your hands by your side, or you are welcome to remain in your seat. Gluten-free wafers are always used.

Absolutely not! Although we do make a collection during our services for those who wish to give. If you do choose to join either of our churches, we would encourage you to give regularly. Please pick up a leaflet from the tables at the back of the church. Many church members give by direct debit or using envelopes that allow us to receive gift aid on your donation.

Come along! Sunday services are a great place to meet with God. But if you would like to go further or find out more please have a chat with one of our clergy.

We have some great opportunities for you to join in with one of our courses or house groups (please contact the parish office to register your interest).

If you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch with us, or just ask someone when you arrive. There are always welcomers on the door if you are unsure who to ask.

Could not find the answer?

Everyone has questions when they try something new. Here are some questions that we are commonly asked. We hope that they will answer some of your queries. If we have missed anything, just get in touch and we will do our best to answer.