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Both Churches

There is a hearing loop for those with suitable hearing aids. Service sheets and news sheets can also be provided in large print. Both halls have toilets, including disabled access. Hearing and Blind Assistance dogs are welcome in either building with their owners.

Holy Trinity Church

There are two pedestrian entrances into Holy Trinity. There is the north door which most people would consider to be the main entrance and is accessible from the West Street. There is a single step outside the doorway which makes access difficult for wheelchair users. However, there is another door which faces west and is in what is called “The Link” and is accessible at the side of the church. There are no steps to negate and there is a wheelchair slope inside the link which allows easy access to the church.

Holy Trinity hall (also known as the “Parish Centre”) is on the south side of the church and is also accessed via “The Link” door. There are no problems for wheelchair users.

St Columba Church

There are two pedestrian entrances into St Columba too. The front door is on the east side and the rear door on the west side. Both entrances are wheelchair friendly.

St Columba hall is on the west side and can be accessed by wheelchair users.


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