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Session Cookies (& the Law)

In order to be able to access this area of the website, your internet browser must allow what are known as “cookies”. Cookies are basically small files that allow a website to recognize and track users. Many websites use cookies, whether they are well known ones such as Amazon and the BBC, down to small ones such as our own parish website. There are different types of cookies, but this website only uses a “session cookie” for those using this restricted access area of the website. This type of cookie creates a temporary small file on your computer that allows this site to check that you are:-

a) A registered user.
b) That you have entered a valid username and password combination. This cookie is automatically deleted when you close down your internet browser.

Why do we need to know this?

There are two reasons why you need to know this:-
1) If you don’t allow cookies for this website, you will not be able to access the restricted area.
2) As of 27th May 2012, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) imposed an EU directive designed to protect internet users' privacy.

It basically says that any website wishing to use cookies must:-
a) Tell people that the cookies are there.
b) Explain what the cookies are doing.
c) Obtain visitors’ consent to store a cookie on their device.

Therefore by entering this restricted area of the website, you are accepting the points above. If you need any further explanation, then please contact the web designer.

Thank you.