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Worship And Ministry

Sunday Worship

At 8.00am each Sunday there is a quiet, said service of Holy Communion at both of our churches. That is followed at 9.30am (Holy Trinity) or 10.00am (St Columba) by the main Family Communion Service during which there is a crèche and Sunday School (see services for more details).

A Prayer Group meets in Holy Trinity every Monday at 9.15am and Wednesday mornings at 8.30am.

Iona Cross

Iona Worship

On the first Sunday of each month at St Columba church at 6.30pm our evening worship is in the Iona style using the orders of service and many hymns that have been written by the community living and working at Iona Abbey.

Morning Worship

This is a communion service which has been devised for all ages and is held at 10.00am at St Columba on the first Sunday of the month.

Music Groups

The 9.30am (Holy Trinity) and 10.00am (St Columba) services at both churches on the third Sunday of each month aim to offer a different style of worship from that at other services. It is particularly suitable for children and young people as the approach is less formal and traditional. The uniformed organizations usually attend this service.

A very important contribution to the worship on these Sundays is made by the group of musicians and singers who accompany the hymns, and play before and after the service. Some of the present members are teenagers who welcome this opportunity to contribute to the life of the Church. Over the years the Holy Trinity Music Group has grown in size and now includes a wide variety of instruments including keyboard, guitar, bass guitar, drums, flutes, recorder, accordian, clarinets and violin. The Holy Trinity music group practice on the third Saturday of the month at 9.00am.

Anyone who can play an instrument and whose sight reading is reasonably good is invited to enquire about joining either of the music groups.

Intercession Leaders

Members of the congregation lead the Intercessions at the 9.30am/10.00am Family Communion at each Church.

Altar Servers

The job of the server is to prepare the vestments, holy vessels and the Sanctuary for the Eucharist service, to take an active part in the service, serving the Deacon and President and, finally, to clear up after the service. The duties are not particularly hard, but they are very rewarding. All servers are given full training before undertaking their duties for the first time and will be eased into the duty list as quickly or as slowly as they wish.

Hymn Choosing Group

This group meets every six weeks at a member’s home to suggest the hymns for most of the 9.30am/10.00am Sunday services. The themes of the readings are very much borne in mind, as well as familiarity, singability and ‘modernity’ (or otherwise).


Holy Trinity Choir

Holy Trinity choir is a lively group of both children (aged 7+) and adults (aged up to 70+) who sing for the 9.30am Communion service. Our organist is Gordon Uphill. We hold choir practice on Friday evening, with the children meeting between 6.30–8.15pm and with the adults joining us at 7.30pm (adult rehearsal finishes at 9.00pm). The juniors are given basic musical training, and we are RSCM affiliated. Our repertoire includes music from 1550 onwards, so whatever you like we’re bound to sing it! If you’d like to join us please come along, or contact Karen Taylor (details available from parish office).

St Columba Choir

St Columba choir is a small, friendly, four part harmony choir made up of adults and young people, who sing for Sunday morning services at 10.00am and the Iona Evensong service at 6.30pm. We are affiliated to the Royal School of Church Music. We regularly sing with Holy Trinity Choir for special services, such as Christmas and Easter and other joint choir ventures. Rehearsals are on Wednesday evenings beginning at 6.45pm and finish at approximately 7.45pm. If you are between 8 and 108 years old and interested, or think you would like to join us, please come along on a Wednesday and meet us – we are very friendly and will make you very welcome. Alternatively contact Allen Cole, organist and choir master (details available from parish office).

The Healing Ministry

We seek help to open ourselves to God’s healing love in whatever way is right at the time. Within the Parish many people have committed themselves to pray either in the prayer Group or at home regularly for the long term sick of the Parish. There are also periodic services for ‘Wholeness & Healing’.

The Bereavement Group

Seek to help people deal with losing a loved one. See also the special concerns page.

Holy Trinity Flower Arrangers

Flowers in the Church are a symbol of beauty and worship and those who arrange them do so to the glory of God. We are always looking for new helpers who will be welcomed and given every assistance. You can also help with donations for flowers in memory of someone or for anniversaries, which you would like to be commemorated in this way.

Flower Arrangement

St Columba Flower Arrangers

This is a group of volunteers, both men and women, who enjoy using flowers to beautify our church and as a form of thanksgiving and worship. Members usually arrange one altar pedestal a year and help at festivals when possible.

New volunteers are always welcome: no particular level of expertise is required and help is available. Alternatively you may wish to donate the flowers for one Sunday as a thanksgiving or memorial: we can arrange these for you.

Church Cleaning Group

If you visit Holy Trinity church on a Friday morning between 9.30am and 11.00am you will find the “Guild of the Holy Dusters” in action. There are about 10 members and we all have our own “patch” to clean. After we have completed the sweeping, vacuuming, dusting and polishing, we adjourn to the kitchen for a cup of tea or coffee. We are a friendly group and are always pleased to welcome new members if you can spare an hour or so on a Friday morning.

Volunteers are also always very welcome to join the St Columba group of cleaners.