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Sunday School And Crèche

Every Sunday parents bring young children to the crèche and Sunday School.

Children listening to a story

At Holy Trinity this takes place in the hall. After their activities the Sunday school children come into church to show us their work. They then sit with their parents for the second half of the service and go to the altar with them for a blessing. The children who have been in the crèche are brought to their parents later in the service.

Parents can worship in peace; children can learn about God and they can share in the last part of the service. Older children are encouraged to join the choir if they enjoy singing or to consider communion before confirmation.

Group of Children Smiling

Remember there is a choice. The Third Sunday service at Holy Trinity is also geared towards younger people as it is more informal and is led musically by a band.

Holy Trinity church also has some ‘toy bags’ that can be used at the back of the church in an area furnished with bean bags. At St Columba there is a soft play area at the back of church for the under 5’s and ‘activity’ bags for children to occupy them during services if needed.

Also don’t forget there is the Morning Worship Service on the first Sunday at St Columba at 10.00am which is a service suitable for all ages. St Columba operates ‘Columba Kids’ on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Sundays. The children leave part way through the service, and return in time for receiving Communion. This is for age 5 years upwards.