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Our Sunday & Weekday Services Are:

8.00am Both Churches Holy Communion
9.30am 1st, 2nd & 4th at Holy Trinity Holy Communion
9.30am 3rd at Holy Trinity Family Communion
10.00am 1st at St Columba All together Morning Worship
10.00am 2nd, 3rd & 4th at St Columba Family Communion

During the main 9.30am / 10.00am services of the day there is a crèche or Columba Kids (in the hall or back of the church) for primary school children. The older children join the congregation half way through the service. Alternatively children are welcome to stay with their parents in church throughout the service if they prefer.

6.30pm (1st Sunday) St Columba Iona Service
6.00pm (2nd Sunday) Holy Trinity Come and see ... come and sing

The third Sunday 9.30am service at Holy Trinity is a parade service which is more informal, with the music being led by a lively band and the sermon is more child friendly. The Sunday school and Crèche still meet in the hall or back of the church. There is also a morning worship service held on the first and third Sunday at St Columba with Columba Kids.

There are weekday Communion Services and times for prayer arranged at different times to cater for most people. Further details about our services can be found on the diary pages.

Holy Communion 8.30am Monday – HT
Holy Communion 8.45am Tuesday – SC
Morning Prayer 9.15am Tuesday – Highlands Hub
Prayer Group 9.15am 1st Tuesday – Highlands Hub
Prayer Group 9.30am 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Tuesdays – HT
Morning Prayer 9.00am Wednesday – HT
Holy Communion 10.30am Wednesday – HT
Morning Prayer 9.15am Thursday – Highlands Hub

We hold special Bereavement services several times a year for people who have lost loved ones.

“Lord make this place beautiful with your abiding presence. May it be a house of prayer, a centre for Christian teaching, a community of service and a witness to your love. Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen”