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Special Concerns and other Groups

Listening Couple

Bereavement Group

A small team of people are available for visiting people bereaved through losing someone dear to them. These visits are in addition to the normal ministerial visits both before and after a funeral, and depend on the particular needs of the person bereaved.

The Parish also holds services of Remembrance, Hope and Thanksgiving several times a year in addition to the annual service on All Souls Day.

There are books of remembrance housed in appropriate cases at both churches, where people may reflect and pray.

Parish Pastoral Scheme

To keep in touch with all the members of the congregation and provide pastoral care on an ongoing basis, the Parish has a Pastoral Scheme.

The scheme is built round the church being “in contact” or “caring” for its members, to notice if they are missing for any length of time and to be in touch by a visit or a telephone call. The sick and housebound are visited in their own homes. All parishioners are prayed for individually at the mid-week services during a weekly Cycle of Prayer.

The Parish is trying to stay in contact with its members and if required will try :

Through this scheme everyone who comes to our church has someone looking out for them and everyone is assured of regular prayer as we try to express the care we feel, and to pass on the love which God shows to us, and to show that God is active in our Churches.

Community World Care

Community World Care Group

As the name suggests our Group concerns itself with problems outside the Parish. We concentrate mainly on issues involving the environment, poverty and injustice worldwide.

At our monthly meetings we have discussions, speakers and videos to help us understand more of the complexities of these problems. We then hope to share this knowledge with the congregation by means of magazine articles and displays. During “One World Week” each October, we organize a special service for our Churches, as well as an open meeting during the Week. As a positive result of our concerns, we have become involved with Traidcraft and hold stalls at the Churches on a regular basis.



Traidcraft is a Christian trading company based on fair shares, concern for people and care for the environment. It markets a wide range of quality products – jewellery, clothing, household items, handicrafts, teas, coffees and foodstuffs - which are bought, at fair prices, from producers in developing countries who give their workers a good deal and pursue responsible social policies. It also sells a range of recycled paper products which are made in Europe. Traidcraft is creating opportunities for the poor in the third world to work their way to a better quality of life, and for people here, when they go shopping, to play a part in creating a fairer, more caring world.

Holy Trinity Gardening Group


The gardens around the Church and Parish Centre are a very public way of saying we care about our environment and as such are a very clear statement of stewardship. The development of the gardens and their care is the work of a very small band of people who work on the little-and-often principle. We welcome real gardeners who do just enough at the right time and who favour organic methods. For those who feel daunted by that, why not mow the lawns? This isn’t as bad as it sounds as the main mass of grass behind the Church Centre is done by the Borough Council.

A similar group shares the responsibility for cutting the grass at St Columba. New helpers are again always welcome.