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Communion Before Confirmation

This Parish is offering children of Holy Trinity and St Columba the opportunity to join a course that leads to them taking their first Holy Communion before being confirmed.

Confirmation can then take place when the child feels ready and this may not be until they are in their late teens. The course is open to all baptised children aged seven or over.

Bread & Wine

The course follows a set structure and each month the children will explore themes related to a sense of ‘Belonging’. The seven sessions offer active participation and include things such as bread making and decorating a table cloth as well as time for exploring Christian beliefs through discussion and quiet reflection. The children compile a ‘Communion Pack’ that they can keep and share with their friends and family.

Each child has the support of adults from the Parish and ‘Prayer Partners’ are spiritually supporting them as they make this journey. The first group of young people took their first Communion on Easter Sunday 2006.

Look out for displays at the back of each church as the whole Parish can become involved. A new course starts each September for children who reach the age of seven or above and wish to become active participants in the Communion Service.

This scheme follows the Bishop’s guidelines.