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Clergy Serving St Columba Church

Name Position From – To
The Hon. the Revd. Henry Bligh (Vicar) 1893-1902
The Revd. Robert J. Small   1900-1903
The Revd. Charles L. Arnold (Vicar) 1902-1923
The Revd. Frederick T. Shellard   1904-1905
The Revd. Albert C. Hooper   1905-1909
The Revd. Edward J. Green   1908-1910
The Revd. Richard B. Ince   1909-1910
The Revd. Henry C. F. Bingham   1910-1912
The Revd. Henry St. John Rumsey   1910-1913
The Revd. William B. Blackett   1914-1916
The Revd. J. Willoughby   1916-1917
The Revd. Thomas W. Mundy   1917-1924
The Revd. Walter E. Spencer   1922-1929
The Revd. Andrew B. Hargrave (Vicar) 1923-1938
The Revd. Frank H. Sargeant   1926-1935
The Revd. Provo A.M. Edlin   1936-1939
The Revd. Paul H. Biddlecombe   1940-1944
The Revd. Harvey R. Phillips   1942-1945
The Right Revd. Arthur L. Kitching (Vicar) - Bishop of Upper Nile 1926-1936 1938-1945
The Revd. Henry E. S. Keely   1944-1946
The Revd. Reginald Walter Tyler   1945-1948
The Revd. David W. Hoare (Vicar) 1945-1957
The Revd. David V. Evans   1947-1951
The Revd. Henry A. Uthwatt   1951-1955
The Revd. William Alder   1955-1959
The Revd. Norman H. Crowder (later Archdeacon of Portsmouth) 1955-1958
The Revd. Giles B. Hunt   1958-1959
The Revd. Thomas G. G. Strangeways (Vicar) 1958-1964

Priests In Charge Of St Columba
The Revd. David P. Maurice   1959-1963
The Revd. John A. Russell   1963-1967
The Revd. John A. L. Hulbert   1966-1970

Team Vicars Of St Columba
The Revd. John Martin Peirce (now Canon) 1970-1976
The Revd. Keith I. Uphill   1977-1982
The Revd. John B. Williams   1983-1994
The Revd. Andrew Tremlett (now Canon of Westminster) 1996-1999
The Revd. Jeremy N. J. C. Dussek (now Canon Precentor and Sacrist at Chester Cathedral) 2000-2006
The Revd. Philip A. Cochrane   2009-2011
The Revd. Ruth E. Schofield   2012-