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HT175 – A Celebration Of 175 Years Of Holy Trinity Church In Fareham

Display in Fareham museum

Holy Trinity church celebrated 175 years in 2010. A number of events and displays were organized throughout May as part of this. The photo to the left shows the Holy Trinity display in Fareham Museum in the week leading up to the start of the celebrations. This was prepared, researched and set up by Peter Davis. The display included many pictures, photos and models based around the history of Holy Trinity.

The stall being set up in Fareham precinct

The photo to the right shows the HT175 stall being set up outside the Body Shop in Fareham precinct on 30th April. This was set up by Judy Jacobs, Lucy Docherty, Anne & Tony Le Fevre, Peter Davis, Daphne Armstrong and Steve Ellis. Items for sale included commemorative mugs, tea towels, bags, cook book and the booklet “A Short History of Holy Trinity Church, Fareham”. The stall was manned by various people throughout the first week of May.

Tea time before "Come & Sing" evensong service

The photo to the left, which was taken between the rehearsal and the “Come and Sing” evensong service on 2nd May, shows people taking a well earned cuppa. The 40 strong choir and organ were enjoyed by a congregation of about 35 people. Rosemary Field, who was guest organist, finished the evening with Charles-Marie Widor’s 6th organ symphony.

The Holy Trinity "Early Music Group"

The photo to the right shows the Holy Trinity “Early Music Group” at the first of the lunchtime concerts held on 4th May. This concert, attended and enjoyed by 46 people, included madrigal and recorder music, as well as a vocal duet piece accompanied by recorders and organ. The composers of these pieces of music included John Farmer, John Bennet, Thomas Morley, Georg Telemann, Jean Baptiste Loeillet, J.S. Bach, Orlando Gibbons and Anthony Holborne.

Marcus Wibberley rehearsing for the evening concert

The photo to the left is of Marcus Wibberley rehearsing for the concert of organ music on 6th May. There were 68 people who enjoyed the evening of music which included Marche Militaire by Franz Schubert (arranged by Noel Rawsthorne), Passacaglia, BuxWV 161 by Dietrich Buxtehude, Liebster Jesu, BWV 731 by J.S. Bach, Suite Brève by Jean Langlais, Vocalise Op.34/14 by Sergei Rachmaninoff (arranged by Marcus) and finally Toccata from Symphonie V, Op.42 by Charles-Marie Widor.

“Choir For All Seasons”

The photo to the right shows the amassed choir with representatives from Holy Trinity, St Columba, Fareham Methodist, St John’s, St Philip Howard, Fareham United Reformed, Sacred Heart Catholic and St Peter’s Titchfield churches and friends from a wider area, at the “Choir For All Seasons” evening concert held on 9th May. This concert, attended and enjoyed by 83 people, included music by John Rutter, John Goss, Harold Darke, John Stainer, George Handel, Andrew Lloyd-Webber, Gabriel Fauré and Charles Parry.

Michael Zeffertt, cellist

The photo to the left is of Michael Zeffertt at the concert of cello music with piano accompaniment at the second of the lunchtime concerts held on 11th May. There were 45 people who enjoyed the music which included pieces by J.S. Bach (transcribed by Sam Franko), Edward Elgar, Camille Saint-Saëns, Gabriel Fauré, Felix Mendelssohn, Sergei Rachmaninoff arr. Raphael Wallfisch, Luigi Boccherini and Pablo Casals.

"One Off Theatre Company"

The photo to the right was taken at the “One Off Theatre Company’s” performance in Holy Trinity hall on 12th May. It was an evening enjoyed by some 30 people, with readings from Charles Dickens’ Nicholas Nickleby as well as some poetry by William Makepeace Thackeray and excerpts from Vanity Fair. Both authors were writing at the time Holy Trinity was first built, and the readings were full of contemporary detail that really brought the period to life.
The readings were presented by Peter Lippiat, James Rowland and Tim Stokes.

Jonathan Pratt at the Antiques Evening

The photo to the left is of Jonathan Pratt at the Antiques Evening on 14th May. After a fish and chip supper with a glass of wine, Jonathan gave a fascinating talk about his life in the world of antiques, including his work at Bellman’s Auctioneers and being a presenter on BBC’s Bargain Hunt. There was a quiz and finally, a few lucky people from the 50 people in attendance with winning raffle numbers had their small treasures identified and valued, including a couple of cameo brooches, a silver trinket box, figurine and jug.

Southampton Grad Band

The photo to the right was taken at the Southampton Grad Band’s performance in Holy Trinity on 15th May. It was an evening enjoyed by 66 people, with music from Grease, The Blues Brothers and Jurassic Park. One member of the audience was “selected at random” to conduct for one of the pieces, Liberty Bell by John Philip Sousa, although the word was quickly passed around the band that Peter Hallam could indeed conduct!

Evensong Congregation

The photo to the left shows part of the 160 strong congregation and choir at the Evensong service held on 16th May. These included many former clergy and laity from the parish’s past. The service was led by Reverend Frank Wright and Reverend Canon Bruce Carpenter and was preceded by a tea held in the parish centre for the many invited guests.

Hazel, Gordon and Allen at the keyboard

The photo to the right is of Hazel Rickets, Gordon Uphill and Allen Cole at the concert of keyboard music for 2 and 4 hands at the third of the lunchtime concerts held on 18th May. There were 91 people who enjoyed the music which included pieces by G.F. Handel, John P. Sousa, Eric Satie, Giuseppe Verdi, W. A. Mozart, Haydn Wood, Rogers and Hammerstein, Thomas Arnold Johnson, Anton Dvořák, Harold Arlen and Leon Jessel.

“Messy Church” morning

The photo to the left was taken at the “Messy Church” morning held on 22nd May. The children and helpers took part in many activities that included decorating a small birthday cake, making a key ring or fridge magnet, completing a large mosaic cross (this will be kept as a permanent reminder of HT’s birthday) making a pocket psalm, scratch art mobile, sheep badge, a card, a banner, decorating a candle, making and decorating a mug or a wall tile.

“Comedy” Drama Evening

The photo to the right shows the cast and some of the assisting audience at the “comedy” drama evening held on 22nd May. The audience of 45 enjoyed sketches about amongst others, Adam & Eve, Joseph of Arithamea through to the topical Parable of the Good Saints Supporter (Good Samaritan) who came to the aid of a distressed Pompey fan!

Audrey Finnemore playing one of her harps

The photo to the left was taken at the fourth of the lunchtime concerts held on 25th May and shows Audrey Finnemore playing one of her harps. As well as getting the chance to look at and have a go with the many harps that were on display, the audience of 79 were also able to talk to Peter, Audrey’s husband, whilst listening to Audrey play many well known musical pieces, which concluded with one composition of her own. It is not often that people get the chance to experience the delights of music created by the harp, but the concert was very well received by all, both young and old alike.

“Fareham Past and Present” Art Exhibition

The photo to the right shows some of the many paintings by the Fareham Art Group which were displayed in the church hall from 25th to 27th May. The theme for the pictures was “Fareham Past and Present” and also included many pictures of Holy Trinity church, some dating back to Victorian times, with others more recent. Members of the art group were on hand to answer questions and to sell some of the pictures on display at the end of the exhibition.

Uplands & Harrison Primary School's Concert

The photo to the left was taken at the Uplands & Harrison Primary School’s Evening Concert held on 26th May and shows the school’s two choirs and the Harrison Pan Band. As can be seen from the photo, the concert was well attended and enjoyed by a large number of people.

Font Flower Festival Exhibit

The photo to the right shows just one of the many fine flower arrangement displays which were displayed in the church from 28th to 30th May, with the theme being “Fareham Past & Present”. These were set up throughout the day on 27th May, with many people volunteering their services to produce the various displays. The displays started at the entrance to the church, with further displays covering the various walkways, walls, pew ends and the altar. The flower festival was supported by many companies, organizations and individuals.

Victorian Fête Organizer Harvey Albert

The photo to the left is of Harvey Albert, the event organizer for the HT175 Victorian Fête held on 29th May. I think we can forgive him his exuberance as the rain clouds started to come overhead! Despite the rain, the event was very well attended. There were people dressed in traditional Victorian costume to help set the theme and feel of the day.