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The Holy Trinity Millennium Floodlighting Project

Holy Trinity C.1852

Holy Trinity church has been a landmark in West Street, Fareham since the mid 1830’s. Its stone spire, which was a later addition to the original design in 1841, made it recognizable from afar.

The removal of the spire in 1992

Sadly due to deterioration of the stonework and the high cost of replacement, it had to be removed for safety reasons in 1992. This photo shows the scaffolding erected at the top and bottom of the spire at the start of its removal. The spire was removed by the company A&S Scaffolding over a period of three weeks and at a cost of around £5,000. The tip of the spire was presented to the Rector who at that time was Reverend Roy Kingston.

Floodlit Holy Trinity

However, to mark the millennium it was felt we should improve the visual aspect of the church by floodlighting the exterior. This would also generally enhance Fareham’s West Street at night.

A grant was received from the Millennium Floodlighting Trust. Fareham Borough Council also provided assistance and the balance of the cost was met by fundraising events spread over some 15 months. It is possible to sponsor the floodlighting of Holy Trinity for a week by contacting the Parish office.

St Columba Floodlighting

Although St Columba church is not floodlit, there is a cross on the end of the building which is illuminated at night to witness to the community that there is a Christian presence in this part of Fareham.