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Holy Trinity Chapel Area

The Chapel is situated at the east end of the church in what was formerly the old chancel.

To get to the Chapel you walk through the passageway from the north side aisle i.e. behind the organ.

Chapel area

The Chapel is used for small groups of people to gather round the communion table in the daily Eucharist or for other forms of worship.

For most people, worship in the main body of the church will involve looking towards the front, whilst sitting in rows, unable to see many of the people who are sharing worship with you. Sitting in the chapel we share a different experience of the church.

There are normally thirteen chairs, reminding us of the Upper Room in which Jesus shared his final Last Supper with his disciples, the origin of our Communion service.

Under the tabletop is an inscription in memory of Matthew Hicks, in whose memory the altar was given. Matthew, son of a family who worshipped in this church, died of cancer aged six years. The awfulness of this experience, and yet the faith and consolation found in it, had a deep impact on the congregation which worships God in this place.

The candle burning in this chapel indicates the presence here of the communion bread set aside to be taken to the sick or housebound. Take a moment to sit in the chapel, to experience the light shed from above into that holy space, and enjoy being in the gracious presence of the One who knows you and loves you.

During services in the main body of the church the chapel is in the background. In that setting it represents the daily prayer of the week going on in the lives of individuals and small groups: it is this weekday prayer which gives depth to the worship we offer on Sunday.

The small group of chairs there also reminds us of the many small groups meeting in the life of the parish and the community, some to pray, some to discuss and decide, and others to provide help.

Our life, prayer and service offered in small groups during the week is a most inspiring background to the greater Sunday celebration of the life of Christ.

There is a small icon painting on the East wall by Andrei Rublev.